A Tribute to Tulipia


A Tribute to Tulipia- By Chiara Talluto

  • Softcover
  • Ages 4-12

Sometimes you have to stand up for what is right. What do a hare, a tulip, a blossom, and a wolf share in common?A wild forest is no place for a pretty young orphaned tulip to live in. However, Tulipia didn’t have a choice; she is often despised and ridiculed. Was it fate or a blessing to be spared when her parents were plucked from the Jade Oasis?One terrifying evening Tulipia’s future is jeopardized, and all the wisdom taught to her by her mother and father is tested. Will standing up to wickedness prove to Tulipia’s enemies what standing out truly means?Years later, a wintry apocalypse strikes the Jade Oasis, now old and frail, Tulipia’s life is once again endangered. Barely surviving the thaw, her homeland is invaded by foreign foliage and shrubbery, threatening to change the rules and laws of unity set in place in the Oasis. Things look hopeless for dear Tulipia who has spent her entire life standing up to bullying greenery until a new blossom arrives from a faraway land. Dissimilar in all respects, a friendship begins and then, unbeknownst to Tulipia after being alone and lonely, she and this new flower, Rishonich, fall in love. They bare a sprout, Nevanobry, and together raise their little seedling to be persistent and persevere for the common good of all.Can Nevanobry continue honoring his parent’s mission to unite a diverse forest? Is he strong enough to stand up to those who are against him and preserve what had been established in the Jade Oasis?

For each A Tribute to Tulipia paperback purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Stand for the Silent, an anti-bullying organization that travels to schools to address the issue of bullying with an engaging, factual and emotional methodology. 


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