Kind Rocks Island


  • Kind rocks live on Kind Rocks Island. Diamond, a rock from another island rolls up on shore on Kind Rocks Island. The rocks don’t know what to do with Diamond. She is a bully. Discover how the rocks share their caring attitude with each other by being compassionate, respectful, confident, encouraging, and being friends.
  • This is a 37-page book for children ages 4 – 8.   Readers can make the book even more interactive when they help children “find” Rocky hidden on each page. 
  • Debbie Lemke, the author of “Kind Rocks Island”, also wrote, “Kind Rocks Island Adventures”, the second book featuring Rocky and his friends and the treasure they find hidden deep in the sand.  And for the teen and adult readers, “U Rock Because You’re You”, an inspirational book with attention grabbing photos and words of wisdom for reflection.
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