Little Tiger- Discipline


Little Tiger- Discipline-By Steve Doherty and Olivia Dybik

  • Softcover
  • Ages 4-8

    Discipline may be the most essential key to excellence that a child can learn. Children that are disciplined will grow up learning critical life skills like self-control, respect, persistence, resilience, and patience. They learn to respect their parents, teachers, authority figures, and themselves. And they develop social skills-empathy, patience, compassion, and knowing how to share-which are essential for making friends and sustaining healthy relationships.

    Not only is discipline good for children, but it is necessary for their happiness and well-being. It is as vital for healthy child development as nutritious food, physical exercise, mental activity, and nurturing love. With discipline, children develop the right tools necessary to navigate personal and work-related relationships. They build knowledge of what is right and wrong, self-discipline, respect for others, self-confidence, personal integrity, and the ability to work and cooperate with their peers.

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