Little Tiger- Guardian of Peace


Little Tiger – Guardian of Peace-By Steve Doherty and Olivia Dybik

  • Softcover
  • Ages 4-9

With bullying occurring so often in our schools and neighborhoods, it is difficult for a child to grasp the reasoning behind the bullying because they are wrapped up in the stress and abuse it causes. Helping children deal with meanness involves giving them the right tools to address the problem. In Taekwondo, we teach children to deal with bullying by being confident, disciplined, and courageous enough to be a Guardian of Peace, which means they never start a fight, and they do everything in their power to prevent one. Being a Guardian of Peace is not the easiest thing for a child to do, but it is always the right thing. Our goal is for children to understand there is no force a person with a Guardian of the Peace spirit cannot contend with or overcome if they have confidence in themselves and the courage and integrity to face difficult challenges.


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