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Rory and Roxy are sisters. They love to read books. Especially books about children.  They are six and four years old and have been read to since they were born.  They are learning to read and are so proud.  They have big vocabularies and even bigger hearts.  With the help of their “Papa” they are proud to present you with their reviews of books found in the Stand For The Silent store.



We read with our Papa the book, LITTLE TIGER — RESPECT, written by Steve Doherty and Olivia Dybik. The book is a short and fun book to read about some young Tigers learning Taekwondo from their instructor Mr. Steve.

We liked the lesson presented in the book about being respectful to one another. Papa said, “respect is like having manners and feelings about others so that you show and express kindness with your words and actions”.

The book also introduces kids to the principles of listening, patience, and wisdom. Oftentimes people have their feelings hurt if you don’t know how to show respect. Papa says it is important to show respect for all life. We live on a farm with animals around us always and we respect the lives and gifts that these animals give us each day!

We think after reading this book that the lessons inside the book are valuable for kids to learn so they can spread kindness and other values that come with RESPECT. We will be reviewing the rest of the Little Tiger Books to help kids find ways to handle meanness and be confident as they succeed in life!

❤️ R and R

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TODAY RORY AND ROXY REVIEW: Defeating The Giant Written by Lisa Joy Stevens and Illustrated | By Malik Hassan Raza

This book is about Martin, a boy that goes to his first day at a new school. He is excited but nervous about meeting his new classmates and teacher. Even with his mom’s encouragement and a special breakfast Martin’s first day is a struggle until he meets Miley. Miley eats lunch with him and tells him to watch out for some of the mean kids that have been saying things about how Martin looks.

Martin finds out they don’t like how he wears his hair and decides he wants to have his hair cut by his mom. His mom says he cannot cut his hair and Martin begins to not want to go to school because he thinks he will be teased. He gets a milk carton thrown at him on the school bus. His teacher finds out about the incident and involves the principal, the mean kids’ parents and Martin’s parents.

Martin’s dad at supper after the meeting says, “Kids can be cruel sometimes. I don’t think they realize the pain they cause when they bully someone.”

The school authorities took steps to stop the bullying by the mean kids and Martin finds out a secret about his heritage from an unexpected person. He also finds courage in dealing with bullies from his friends and family.

We liked this story book because it had a very happy ending. Papa told us that we can never let people make fun of us because of how we look and that as kids we need to always be comfortable in talking to trusted adults when other people try to hurt us. He also told us that we have to love ourselves as we were made. Papa says it is very important that we try to also help others who have been treated badly by mean people!

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TODAY RORY AND ROXY REVIEW: A Tribute To Tulipia: Sometimes you have to stand up for what is right | By Chiara Talluto

We read this book with Papa and it took us a couple of days to get through it, ask questions and discuss it with Papa and each other. The book also has some beautiful photographs of nature and when we were done we were amazed to think that possibly plants have feelings.

This book is about a Tulip named Tulipia that lives in a forest called the Jade Oasis. Tulipia was very very beautiful and because of that a lot of the plants in the forest were jealous and treated her badly. Tulipia grew tough, digging her roots in and remembering her parents wisdom that goodness would one day come even if she had to endure meanness.

A rabbit becomes friends with Tulipia and they become allies in trying to protect the Jade Oasis from many threats. The many vines, shrubs and flowers that made up the Jade Oasis grew to respect Tulipia for her wisdom and courage.

There is also a love story in this book between two flowers that will make your heart happy. We also learned that standing up for what is right and doing the right thing is not always easy. We both loved this book about not only life in the forest but about life for all living things and how we should all try to respect and love one another.

This is a super book to read with your parents or grandparents and snuggle!

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TODAY RORY AND ROXY REVIEW: Sheriff Joe: From Bullies N’ Stuff to My Badge & Cuffs | Written by Sherriff Joe Powell and illustrated by Julie Powell

We read this very amazing book with our Papa. The book is about a young boy named Joe who overcame some childhood physical problems to become one of our country’s most famous Sheriffs. These same physical issues made him the target of a lot of hurtful bullying during his early school years. Joe did not let this wrongful behavior by his classmates destroy his dream or goals.

Joe was tough and absorbed the bad behavior of kids that included name calling and stealing his lunch money. He used his determination to succeed and to overcome his mistreatment. It made us very sad to know that kids were cruel and hateful to Joe because of things he could not help.

Joe stuck to his plan of becoming a police officer like his dad and succeeded in becoming a leader in his choice of work. He became a police chief and eventually a sheriff which our Papa says is the highest-ranking lawman in any county.

Rory says, “The cover of the book makes you want to see how Joe went from being a little boy with physical problems to a big strong sheriff in Texas!”

Roxy says, “I liked Sheriff Joe’s story of overcoming all his problems as a boy because I know that if kids believe in their goals, they can be whatever they dream of.”

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Pokey was a horse that was born different. He had a funny looking head and when he went to horse school the other horses made fun of how he looked and were mean to him. He was very unhappy and did not want to go to school because of how they teased him. He told his mom and she said she would help him by talking to the principal at the school. A sagebrush tumbleweed showed up in the corral and told him he must stay strong and over time the winds of time would reveal the truth about how great Pokey would be. A couple of years later as Pokey grew up he became the world’s first Unicorn and was beautiful and famous. Pokey stayed strong and grew up to be a model for others to stay strong when others are rude or mean to you because you are different.

We liked this book.

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This is a fun book about the different types of kitty cats that go to Meowville School on the first day of classes. All the kitty cats have Miss Bobsie as their teacher. All the kitty cats have to introduce themselves and tell two interesting things about themselves. One cat named Carlos introduces himself and tells the class he has no fur. Everyone laughs and Carlos has his feelings hurt and cries. Two of Carlos’ classmates, Flo and Marla, feel horrible that Carlos was embarrassed and try to make him feel better. Then a mean kitty cat named Vinny picks on Carlos and says he is not a cat because he has no fur.

Carlos goes home and tells his mom. She says he is handsome and special. Carlos goes back to school the next day and worries about Vinny. The teacher has them do a learning lesson and Carlos amazes all the kids and his teachers with a surprise demonstration. To find out what Carlos does you need to read this book!

Roxy, “I liked this book because it shows that bullying is never right and it hurts people.”

Rory, “This book has great artwork and colors and has a happy ending. It reminds everyone that being mean to other people because they are different is wrong.”.

To purchase We’re All Different But We’re All Kitty Cats in the SFTS Online Store, click here



This book after we read it through with our Papa left us a little bit confused. We thought it ended abruptly and were left trying to figure it out. After we talked about the book we think we have figured out what the author intended for us to understand…. with Papa’s help.

Meanness has no shape nor does anger or hate. They are just shapeless feelings or emotions. Bullying is a form of hate. It is shapeless like a blob. It is cruel and hurts kids and damages the way they feel about themselves. Shapeless anger that scares kids into fear is always wrong. Bullies try to make people feel the misery that they hide behind while being mean.

Roxy liked the art choices and the way the blob was drawn. It was scary but still, you could look at it and see that there was more to the blob than just being scary.

Rory liked the cover of the book because it made you want to open the book and explore its meaning.

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Bently was a big strong scary kid that was a bully to everyone on the playground. He would push kids down, punch them in the eye or hurt them. All the other kids would run away or hide whenever Bently showed up. One day a small boy named Harvey went up to Bently to talk to him about being nice and apologizing to the kids he had been mean to. Bently pushed him down and made his pants dirty. Harvey got back up and told Bently he needed a friend and that caused Bently to reconsider his bullying and he ended up changing and becoming everyone’s friend.

  • We liked this book because it showed us bullying is mean and rude. We liked Harvey who helped show Bently how to be a friend.
  • We loved the Bible verses in the book.

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Skater Marblehead was angry about kids being treated badly by other kids.  He was so angry he started thinking about hurting other kids.  He told his mom he was so mad about the other kids (Marbleheads) making him look like a fool.  His mom said “No!”  She told him he needed to be nice and focus on kindness.  He went to school mad anyway and planned his attack to get even.  He messaged his plans on the internet and the school kids found out and told the teacher.  His mom’s words came back to him to be nice and the kids at school said, “don’t use anger or it will ruin your life”.  He changed his plan and used love and kindness and it made him strong.

We like the way the book ended because love won out over meanness, and nobody got hurt!

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