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Scholarship Recipients

2022 Scholarship Recipients

2022 Kirk Smalley Scholarship Recipient

2022 Laura Morris-Smalley Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Hi! My name is Christopher Slone! I’m a seventeen-year-old aspiring lawyer from Powell County, Kentucky. As an avid lover of politics, I’m constantly striving to spread open-mindedness through the messages I preach. I’m a proud advocate and member of the LGBTQ+ community. In my free time, I enjoy watching Stanley Kubrick movies, practicing Korean, and working on my comic, which I plan to publish in the next few years.

I can’t tell you how incredibly thankful I am to have received this scholarship. To know that my scholarship application was able to touch the hearts of those who have inspired millions of young lives around America will never cease to amaze me. I would like to give a special thanks to my family, friends, teachers, and my trapper hat for helping me become who I am today. And to the lovely people at SFTS, thank you. Thank you for bringing so much love into the world. Thank you for planting seeds in the garden of possibilities and growing them into a legacy.

My name is Hannah Mills and I am a Junior at Wayne State College majoring in Chemistry for Health Sciences for Pre-Medicine and minoring in Spanish and Biology. My hope is to attend the University of Nebraska Medical Center to graduate with my doctorate in Psychiatry. When I’m not attending classes, I keep myself busy being the President of Active Minds at Wayne State College, a group dedicated to destigmatizing mental health. On my days off from school, I love going to work at Behavioral Health Specialists where I serve as a Staff Technician at a short-term residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. In my free time, I love taking naps, organizing various things, doing arts and crafts, and spending time with my family. I am very honored and thankful to be selected as this year’s scholarship recipient and am grateful for everything the SFTS team does.

2022 Ty Field-Smalley Memorial Scholarship Recipient

My name is Randi Meier. I’m originally from Texas but now happily reside in Mulhall, Oklahoma on the family farm. I work at the cardiology clinic at Stillwater Medical Center and absolutely love my job. I’m finishing up my second semester of nursing school at Northern Oklahoma College. I’m officially halfway through the registered nursing program and I couldn’t be more excited! Upon graduation, I plan on continuing my career in cardiology. I enjoy reading, spending time with my family, and playing with my little (rather big) best friend, my dog Kita Bear! I truly believe that we can change the world with kindness, and it is an absolute honor to be selected for the Ty Field- Smalley Memorial Scholarship!

If you see someone without a smile, give them yours!



2021 Scholarship Recipients

2021 Laura Morris-Smalley Memorial Scholarship Recipient

2021 Ty Field-Smalley Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Hailey is a 17-year-old senior at The Ranney School in Tinton Falls, NJ. She lives with her mom, dad, four-year-old brother (TJ), and their family dog (Nemo). Hailey enjoys spending time with her family and friends, volunteering, surfing, traveling both domestically and internationally, and competitively playing sports. From a very young age, giving back to those in need has always been her passion. Hailey tries to lead by example and believes in the power of kindness and empathy. At 13, she started Hailey’s Haven, a non-profit that assists foster youth in NJ and has recently expanded to assist youth Afghan refugees in NJ. Hailey is currently deciding between multiple acceptances to Universities across the U.S. She is certain in following a career in medicine where she can continue her passion to help others.

Halle is currently a high school senior at Preble High School in Green Bay, WI. She plans on continuing her education and attending Northern Michigan University to study Botany. She has always had a passion for plants and the environment and would love to use her degree to research solutions to help combat the global crisis of climate change. While doing so, she wants to inspire others, especially youth, to follow their passions, and always strive for greatness, no matter what anyone else thinks. To do this, she will always try to include oth-ers, be kind, and encourage those around her to do the same. She truly believes that together we all can make a difference.