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Like Kirk says… “it’s time… it’s time to make it stop”.  It’s time to stop bullying, cyber bullying, suicides, and numerous other disruptive incidents that can have costly and tragic consequences for schools, students, parents, and their community.

But to make it stop, dangerous gaps and common disconnects must be eliminated.  For example, School Administrators don’t know everything that Students know or everything that Teachers know or everything that Parents know or everything that Community Members know. 

Lessons learned from thousands of incidents and tragedies reveal School Administrators cannot intervene and prevent incidents from happening if they do not know about them.

Data is powerful and data from thousands of Stand for the Silent Student Surveys consistently deliver “Aha! Moments” for School Administrators. School Administrators can’t stop bullying by themselves… it takes a team effort.

School Administrators must realize the common and dangerous “gaps” that exist in their schools, for example… according to the Stand for the Silent Student surveys, when Students tell a Trusted Adult about bullying… Students say things get better ONLY 18% of the time. 

What would you do if you told your “administrator” you were being bullied and things only got better 18% of the time?  Would you take matters into your own hands?  Would you bully back?  Would you get depressed? 

Lessons learned reveal over and over how School Administrators need to equip students, teachers, parents, community members, social media community members, and their safety team with the right awareness and the right tools to get the right information to the right people in the right place at the right time so they can do the right things… to make it stop right away.

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