Stand for the Silent can help reduce bullying in your school.

“The students are forever touched by this simple man and his story of the love between a father and his son.  Kirk’s message has literally changed students attitudes to care instead of destroy, to ask for help instead of taking their own life.”

—Tenna Whitsel, Student Services Coordinator, Tulsa Public Schools


Stand For The Silent has traveled around the world talking to thousands of schools, community centers, churches and organizations. We will not stop until each and every person has heard about the effects that bullying has. 

About the presentation
The crux of Stand for the Silent’s program addresses the pervasive issue of school bullying. 

Stand for the Silent was started in 2010 by a group of high school students in Oklahoma City, OK, after they heard the tragic story of how Kirk and Laura Smalley lost their son, Ty Field- Smalley, to persistent bullying – at eleven years-old, Ty took his own life after being suspended from school for retaliating against a bully that had been bullying him for over two years.

Through an engaging, factual, and emotional presentation, Kirk Smalley, along with the help of student leaders, presents his inspirational story, and students are shown first-hand the life and death consequences of bullying.   Through this unique approach, lives are changed for the better. Students, some for the first time, develop an empathetic awareness through education and understanding.    

Since May 2010, Kirk and Laura Smalley have traveled to more than 1,550 schools and have spoken with more than 1.5 million kids!

What does the presentation look like?
We ask three kids from each school to volunteer to help us lead their peers and read portions of the STFS program from scripts. We ask these students to arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the start of the presentation.

We begin with the history of Stand for the Silent. There are five empty chairs on the stage that represent five children that have lost their lives to bullying related suicide. The students take turns reading about the lives of the first four kids, written from the parents’ point of view. The students then read a fifth story about Ty Smalley, and introduce Ty’s dad, Kirk Smalley.

Kirk tells a personal account of how bullying has impacted his family’s life and discusses the importance of cultures of kindness and the individual worth of each person. The students watch a short video created by other students about the importance of respecting each other. Students then read the pledge, I Am Somebody, and Kirk answers students’ questions.

The goal is to start a SFTS chapter at each participating site. Each chapter consists of a group of students committed to change. These students will no longer stand for their peers to suffer at the hands of a bully. At the end of each event, pledge cards are given to those who agree to stand for the silent. The pledge speaks of respect and love, and hope and aspiration.  

How long is a typical Stand for the Silent presentation?
A typical presentation lasts one hour and 15 minutes. Students usually like to ask questions and come up and meet us afterwards, so we like to take the time to accommodate that after the presentation.

Kirk and Laura’s mission is to continue to change kids’ lives and bring awareness to bullying and the real devastation it causes to others.

Above all, it illustrates the main lesson taught through the Stand for the Silent program: I AM SOMEBODY.

How do I schedule a presentation?
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Reach the bullied
“I get bullied all the time…It really hurts and you have just inspired me and taught me that I am somebody! I can make a change!”

Reach the bullies       
“I had to admit that I used to be a bully and you really opened my eyes to what the victims feel and I burst into tears when I heard the story of your son…you didn’t just stop me from being a bully but now I am supporting the cause brother.”

Teach kids to stand up
“This was a very life changing night for me. I’m going to find people tomorrow who have been picked on and the ones who need a friend…it brought tears to my eyes. I will be the change.”

Save lives
“When you came to speak at our middle school it really made me feel a lot more confident about myself. I admit to thinking about suicide and how I was going to do it because the kids at school always talk about me and hit me when the teachers are not looking – but since you came it has made a difference in my life and I really can’t explain how thankful I am.”

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