I am not alone

If you are struggling with bullying, know that you are not alone! Read the stories of your peers in this book, and share your story with us by clicking on the button below. Your words can give comfort to others.


Kirk Smalley, thanks for coming out to Belle Valley to speak to us and share your story. It was truly an honor to have you and we are blessed to have learned so much from you! I appreciate you standing up for the silent, and for spreading the word and the motivation to others to stand with you. And thank you for the extra bracelet you gave me for my son. I talked to him today, after your presentation and found out that you came to his school not even a month after his own suicide attempt. That just gave me chills! Thankfully he is still with us today, and he's doing great. And now he knows that you have his back! Thanks again!

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Emily B.

On Tuesday I reached out to Kirk Smalley and told him what I've been through. I told him things that I never told anyone before. He messaged me back saying sugar you have to stay strong and we can beat this together! Come up to me tomorrow and let’s talk ok? So I did. He hugged me and told me to stay strong, we can get through this together and that he needs me here and he can't lose another one of his baby’s. He made me promise that I wouldn't do anything to hurt myself. The part that got me the most though is that he told me that he loves me. He loves me and he doesn't even really know me. I was crying and the only thing that I could manage say back is I love you to. He is my hero and always will be. Stand for the silent. I am somebody. lbL♥ Thank you so much.

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Gabi O.

Kirk, I read your post about your Ty and it makes me cry every single time. I don't know if you understand how much you are helping me by having a community that is not here to judge me, about what I say or what I have done, or what I have been through but just to help me get through it. That last post you put about your Ty talking about Christmas...over 50 thoughts are going through my head saying I should rethink what I want to do You have truly changed my life about judging people, bulling people and telling people what’s going on. I know you lost your son and that’s the hardest situation a parent can go through but I think you need to know you have saved over 100s of peoples lives telling them about Ty’s story. Thank you so much, happy holidays and god bless.

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Anita K.

Thank you so much for all of your motivation and help. Your speech to my school really touched my heart and made me realize that there is something to live for, in my life. For a while I didn't know what to live for. So thank you so much. Anita K.

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Emily K.

I would like to thank you and what you have done for kids that get bullied. I used to get bullied by kids in school or by even my brother. I started to cut and various things. I could honestly say that suicide had crossed my mind a couple times but I eventually saw what you were doing for kids and the things that standing up to people can do. I stood up for myself, got help and have been clean and better since. Your story is so inspirational and needs to be spread. I am happy that I saw this and have learned about all the things to do. I have stood up for kids that get bullied because of what happens to kids who don't have the support. I know I felt desperate for escape when it was happening to me. I don't want to think that other kids could feel that bad so standing up is the best thing to do! I love what you have done in memory of you son. You are an inspiration to all.

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Kirk, I read your post about your Ty and it makes me cry every single time. I don't know if you understand how much you are helping me by having a community that is not here to judge me, about what I say or what I have done, or what I have been through but just to help me get through it. That last post you put about your Ty talking about Christmas...over 50 thoughts are going through my head saying I should rethink what I want to do You have truly changed my life about judging people, bulling people and telling people what’s going on. I know you lost your son and that’s the hardest situation a parent can go through but I think you need to know you have saved over 100s of peoples lives telling them about Ty’s story. Thank you so much, happy holidays and god bless.

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Today was the first time I have seen your school presentation. It really hit me but, it made a huge change in the way I saw my life. I had been struggling to stop myself harm, and at one point I had over 100 cuts on my chest, where no one could see. I had a plan to take my father's pistol and shoot myself, I felt so trapped and alone, I was afraid, and eventually I couldn't even figure out what was making me like that. It was all such a blur at the time. I was always called emo and ugly, as well as a whore and faggot. I never even knew why. But after seeing your presentation I felt so happy to see that people really do care, even if they hardly know me, they care. I threw away my razor the second I got home and I haven't cut in a month but that thought had been running through my mind, and it’s a relief to say it’s gone. So I wanted to thank you, all of you in SFTS. You showed me that I am not worthless, and that I am somebody. Keep doing what you do, and show more kids that it's going to be better, and change the world. I know we can all do it. My name is Heather, and I can proudly say I will never commit suicide, and I will stand for those who can't do it themselves.

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Madi N.

I can never thank you enough. You spoke at my school today, Holmes Jr. High in Cedar Falls. I wasn't at the assembly, but my friends said it was really an honor to hear you speak. My whole Jr. High, I've been bullied. And because of that, I cut myself. This assembly has inspired me to stop, and help others like me. I had a plan. I threw away my razors. Thank you. I will ALWAYS stand for the silent. My principal, Mr. W., was supposed to give you a poem I wrote about your organization. If you didn't receive it, or something, let me know. I will gladly send it to you. Thank you, so very, very, much. God Bless you. lmL,

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I really love your program and I fully support you and everyone else that is a part of it. Stand for the Silent has changed my life in many ways. It has given me the courage to stand up for myself, my friends, and my family. I used to get bullied a lot at school and sometimes I still do, but I just move on. I have thought about what would happen if I committed suicide and it’s not good. It would hurt others more than it would hurt me. I realized how many people that love me in my life and thought, ‘what reason do I have to do this to myself?’ Because of your program I have helped others get through bullying and even saved lives. Thank you so much for doing this, it always starts with one.

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Baylie P.

I truly thank you. You mad a big difference in my life. I'm so so sorry about your son Ty he is such a cutie he certainly had a bright smile I saw his picture when Kirk came to Gilbertville Iowa, you were at Don Bosco I was there at 7pm. I'm the girl who's mom came and talked to you I'm the one who self harmed and had an eating disorder do to bullying, I have thought about suicide many times, I have had it planned out and everything even the date it's October 24 this year that would be actually tomorrow. You came today it actually saved my life, You, You saved me. You are my true hero not batman or Spider-Man you Kirk Smalley, and Laura Smalley. It's a great blessing that you have came, I'm no longer gonna be that girl in the corner not talking to anyone because I AM SOMEBODY. I then again thank you so much, I'm praying that you are making safe trips for Your family. I love you. Thanks for saving me, and others.

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I'm 14 years old. I have been lately thinking about suicide. I have been bullied since third grade. And I am now in ninth. In March I lost my best friend. She died in a fire. That triggered my thoughts. I wanted to take my whole bottle of anti depressants. I wanted to stop the pain. Today, August 1st, Kirk came into my school. This seminar made me feel not worth less. Today I came home to my mom and told her. She is now getting me help. Thank you. You gave me the support I need. ♡ I AM SOMEBODY lmL

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Thank you so much for coming to our school today (Sherrard High School). My name is Jeanna Mae J. but everyone calls me JM. You saved me. I was planning to stab myself with my mom’s favorite knife (it’s the sharpest) this weekend. I have just been having a hard time trying to keep clean from cutting and I just felt like no one would care if I died, but while listening to your story, I felt very sorry for you and I didn’t want that to my family. Thank you for saving me and my family. Ty would have been very proud of you. xoxox

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Kylie Ann

Hey, Mr. Smalley. You came to my school (Longfellow) two years ago. And your story still sets on me sometimes. I've attempted suicide five times now, and still continue to cut. Not a day goes by that I don't try to stop for Ty. Come back to Norman soon.

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Cora Jane Sly

I go to SEP and last Thursday you came and talked to my school. I just wanted to say thank you so much. I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to come and talk to us and share your story with us. Your message really hit home with so many kids, especially me. I have been bullied my whole life, so I completely agree with all you are saying. I was even bullied in pre-school/daycare. I remember one time this kid was really mean to me and I bit him on the forehead! My mom said he had it coming because I've never been one to do that…this was in pre-school by the way! I don't know what got into me. I guess it was just too much. Everyone says how insecure they are, but I really feel like I'm more insecure than most. I have a wall that hides the hurt, like you said, people that frequently get bullied figure out a way to hide it, and that's me. When people complement me, I feel like people are just showing pity or lying to me. I believe it sometimes, from the people I love. I've always wanted to take and stand, and I've attempted many times, but I was always so scared I would draw attention to myself and get bullied. But you've given me the courage to show people that bullying is NOT okay and I AM somebody and I CAN make a difference. You have really opened my eyes and so many others. It scared me when you said 1 in 4 had a plan, but even more when I realized I was that 1. I've never attempted it or intentionally hurt myself, I could Never do that...I'm not that kind of person, but I've thought about it. I know I'm not alone, and I know I always have somewhere to go. I have so much respect for you and what you do. I can't imagine losing a loved one and reliving it every day just to get the message across that bullying is unacceptable. My heart goes out to you and your family, and Ty will forever be loved. May Ty rest in peace alongside God. He must be so proud, looking down on us and seeing His daddy traveling the world and one step at a time, making a huge difference. God Bless, lmL, love always.

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Your story today really touched my heart and soul. I felt like I was not worth anything a few years ago and had actually thought about doing that same thing. I still have thoughts about it but in February I came to realize I couldn't. My mom tried to commit suicide when I came home from wrestling and I almost lost her. I don't know what I would have done if she died and then I realized that that is how She would feel if I went through with my thoughts. Hearing your story about your son and all those others really opened my eyes and made me think of my brother and future kids. Thank you coming to speak at sergeant bluff. You and your wife are doing a wonderful thing for this country and the world. SFTS lmL

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Ryleigh T.

I still remember the day when Kirk Smalley came and talked to my school and I was in the front row with my friends and at first I was just paying attention and then once Mr. Kirk Smalley started talking and talked about his son's story it got to me. I remembered all the times I wanted to end my life to but just couldn’t because I thought of all the people that would miss me and just started crying. The message really did come to me. I was like how did they know I was going through this because just then before the presentation I wanted to cry my eyes out because of a bullying incident that had happened to my friend and me and it was just so powerful to know of someone who ended their life because of some bully.

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Peyton S.

Fassett Middle School 7th grader here. Thank you for today it changed my life. I was bullied in 5th grade and I threatened to never come to school. I threatened to cut to do stuff to myself and l want you to know your son is a incredible young man. No matter what anyone says your family is in my prayers and thank you for changing my life.

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I am forever changed by your words tonight. You have saved my life Kirk and so many in that room. You believe in us and love us and all I have to say is that I will not stop and I will not let one person hurt me, tear me down and tell me I’m WORTHLESS. I will stand for the silent. I am somebody and I believe in you, and everyone that spreads the word and anyone that has ever been through anything as bad as you experienced. Thank you so much ♥

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Kiara I.

You saved my life,

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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smalley, My Name is Rebecca I’m 22 soon to be 23 I understand with every fiber of my body what it means to be bullied I was bullied from 1st grade all the way up until I dropped out in 9th grade I was bullied from students and teachers I was bulled at home still to this day I am bullied I tried more than once to take my own life I spent many days sitting outside with my dog on-top of her dog house asking god why he put me here what was the point I was 7,8,9 asking those questions I tried to stand up for myself and kirk your right the second guy always gets in trouble I was taught school is supposed to be safe but for me it was a living hell I’m sorry this is a little long but I wanted to say these few words from the bottom of my heart I do not know you all nor had I ever meet Ty but your son must have been a hero... and so are y’all thank you for everything you do every day it means a world to me and I know everyone else feels the same. lmL much love and respect.

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Diamond K.

You truly changed my heart today at that assembly! God has definitely anointed you! You spoke into my life and I will never forget you! I am going to stand for not only Ty, but for Hydro-Eakly! It's amazing what you are doing and God has his hand upon this whole thing! When you knelt down in front of me today I knew right then that I had to step up as a young woman and STOP ALL OF THE BULLYING! The confirmation was when you gave me the bracelet you were wearing on your arm during the video! I broke down and it was a breakthrough for me! One of my friends committed suicide from bullying and today made me realize that I had to fight for him! I love you!! And I'm keeping my promise and I'm standing with you! lmL forever! ? ♥

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I know this isn't exactly what this is for but, Kirk's presentation at my high school in Lincoln, NE hit close to home for me. I've had 2 friends take their own lives because of bullying. I've thought about suicide myself, couldn't go through with it (thank God) but I resorted to cutting myself. I was crying at the assembly, I'm standing for the silent lmL

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I know this is kind of taking up your time, so you don't have to read if you don't wish. You saved my life. You really did when you came to Sentinel School in Oklahoma. I had a plan. At the end of that day, it was going to happen but you did it. You are the reason I'm still here today. I'm one of those kids that get bullied because I'm a kind of nerd. I'm a big fan of Animes, and Manga, Video Games, and most of all RPG. So, I was picked on for it. I could usually shake that off, but it was worse for me at home. I'm beaten by my brother, and my dad doesn't help any, so I use the internet to escape. Finally, it was getting worse at school... So I decided it. I had finally given up. Your presentation that day though got me back on my feet. I'm now a novice writer in Junior High, planning to go to college to be an author. You, Good Sir, are making a beautiful movement. lML

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Kiara I.

Thanks for saving my life.

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Diamond K.

I'm a cutter. I have depression. At a few times in my life, I have considered suicide a very reasonable option. I attend Lincoln Southeast High School and what you said today about what if a sibling of yours killed themselves really spoke to me. My biggest fear is that my little sister will be like me. She's the only reason I'm alive. I remember waking up one night, and wanting to die. Nothing in particular happened. I just had had enough. I went into the kitchen, opened up a drawer, and pulled out a knife. I put it to my neck. It was really cold. I remember that most. I don't remember being scared. That's what's most weird to me. Anyways, I heard my little sister waking up and walking around. I put the knife down and went back to bed as if nothing had ever happened. I was young when this happened. Maybe 12.

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Nicole A.

I've never told anyone this before. I’d like you to keep it confidential. The only reason I'm telling you now is because I'm getting better. I still struggle, but I'm getting better. What you said today hit me on a personal level and if what you do amounts to nothing else, know that you've changed my life. Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And may you precious son rest in peace.

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Hey, I would like to say that your story really inspired me and I would like to help stop bullying I have been bullied and I have done my share of bullying and I hate myself for it. I have thought of killing myself and I cut still to this day I cut sometimes. I don't want to but it helps. I am getting help for it now but I would like to say thank you, you made a big difference in my life. You are so sweet and to lose your son that, that would kill me. You have been so strong you and your wife and you are out there trying to help others instead of sitting at home and just crying and that is amazing. Just I wanted to say thank you for making my life different just thank you!! I am praying for you and your wife everyday for saving my life and just thank you again.

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Emily B.

I have bullied my whole life and before Kirk came to speak at my school I almost committed suicide. I know now how it feels to lose someone in your life – two people in one week now because my brother’s and my friend both committed suicide. My brother’s friend killed himself at sixteen on Jan 19, 2013 and a guy that went to my church camp was 21 and he hung himself on Jan 21, 2013. So it is really hard so I want to thanks SFTS.

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Shandra M.

Today, my life was changed. I go to Fort Towson School. I've been bullied. I once had a suicide planned all out. I forgot about that today. I'm going to take a stand for bullying!

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Harmonie W.

Your speech touched my heart and I know how it feels to be bullied and I had planned to take my life today but then I heard you and decided that I’ll just live through it and help out how I can.

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I am 13 years old, and I am an 8th grader at Anne M. Dorner Middle Schoo where Kirk spoke on 12/6/12 and I just wanted to say thank you so much. You gave me a different way to look at life. As of 12/5/12 I was searching the Internet for ways to take my own life. I just wasn't happy enough and I'm still not but you guys gave me an incentive to live! You showed me what it was really like for a family to lose a child in such a tragedy and now I know what'd I'd put my family through. I just wanted to express my gratitude and thanks. You don't understand how that assembly saved me and now me and to other girls in my grade are going to start up a Stand For The Silent Branch at AMD. We're working with our guidance counselor to do so. Again Mr. and Mrs. Smalley I can't thank you enough for this. Also please don't contact my school about this email. It would be greatly appreciated it was just meant for me to say thank you. By the way if you were wondering I was in the 8th grade morning assembly on the right side second row aisle behind Yuki. The girl with the curly hair that was crying really hard. I'm safe and I won't be committing suicide anytime soon. I WILL take a stand against bullying.

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Hello I just watched your assembly again on YouTube and I bawled once again I would just like to thank you for everything! It means a lot it has still impacted this cool tremendously. Thank You Kirk lmL

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I hope you know I want to see your assembly someday again and I will always take a stand against bullying Forever & Always I just feel so strongly about it now,. I hope you know that I Ty story has changed lives and always will I hope you know you have saved a lot of lives and I am thankful for that you saved my best friends life thank you so much Kirk ? lmL

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I am forever changed by your words tonight. You have saved my life Kirk and so many in that room. You believe in us and love us and all I have to say is that I will not stop and I will not let one person hurt me, tear me down and tell me I’m WORTHLESS. I will stand for the silent. I am somebody and I believe in you, and everyone that spreads the word and anyone that has ever been through anything as bad as you experienced. Thank you so much ♥

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dear mr. kirk i wanted to tell you thank you for coming to my school pleasant valley middle school you have changed my life i will pray for you and your wife i know that is hard to lose someone that you love . lml

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I am so grateful to hear your voice. I think it's important that people speak out about bullying and that schools don't just say "Kids will be kids." It's true, but you can do something. Bullying causes issues. I was bullied, I had waking nightmares, I was clinically depressed, and I had suicide all planned out. I heard your voice and I decided that others can't suffer the way I have. It's not ok. I have decided to take a stand against bullying.

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thank you i have been bullied all my life and i don't have many friends. i am different than most kids. i am usually sad but then i met i will call her rose(safety reasons) she was just like me. i helped her and she helped me. i have a few more friends and i smile a lot more. you have helped me because those things get to me and i hurt someone once i didn't kill them or hurt them seriously but i did make them bleed a little i was small then. you have helped me so much and i feel sad for all of the kids who have lost their lives from bullying. thank you.

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Hey Kirk, you came to my school on March 9 2018. I thank you for that because i see a change in our school already. I will keep spreading the word of how you stand. My friends and I have talked and we might do something to help with that. My other friend (name is Sonnie is doing a penny drive). So I was thinking maybe I could do something like make a lot of blue and black or blue and white necklaces out of string. I do not know yet but I will figure it out. I will keep spreading the word. You're awesome and amazing don't ever forget that. lmL!! I love you.

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You really have touched a lot of hearts , and taught me that I am somebody....Thank You..... Before the assembly I was honestly thinking of ending it...

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Your life story really got to me. I thank you for the message. I also thank you for coming. I have a friend being home schooled instead of taking her life.

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i was looking for some stuff about bullying because i'm writing an essay on it and i came across this website and i really like it it helps me know that when i see someone being bullied i have stand up them i know how it feels to get bullied i've been bullied before and its not fun i mean yeah i have self harm and i have thought about suicide but i'm happy i didn't do suicide cause i wouldn't be here today and be here with my friends and i wouldn't be here to write this message to you whoever is reading this thanks for this website

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you have helped me show kids in my school words hurt after hearing ty story and knowing mine i knew i had to do something i am somebody

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I grew up in the 80's in Southern California, First gen Mexican-American, always obese, never really fitting in with a crew or group of kids. I was bullied for being fat, sometimes constantly and other times not for long periods of time. I never considered self-harm or ending my life, the craziest thing I probably thought was maybe running away like in the movies I watched growing up. If anyone is reading this, I can honestly say, that once you mature and are older, you learn to ignore immature and ignorant people and as you can tell from my name, accept yourself. I am a father of 2 elementary age kids, and my heart breaks for all these kids stories and what they deal with, and I'm scared for my children's coming years and what they might go through.

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I first saw Kirk Smalley's presentation against bullying when I was 12. I had been severely bullied myself for years, and the one time I fought back I was given lunch detention for three weeks and my bully received nothing. I was about to give up, but Stand For The Silent made me realize I could use my experience to stand up for others who can't fight back, like I couldn't. I'm now a senior in high school, and I'm getting colleges like Yale, Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, and Emory messaging me saying they want me to apply. I turn 18 in a month, something I wasn't sure I'd live to see sometimes. The message this spreads is so important to me that, 6 years later, I'm trying to bring it to my school district. I am still bullied sometimes, and sometimes they are not punished, in fact just last year I had a stalker and the police were almost involved, but I know now I am NOT alone. I am Somebody, and I can overcome this with help from the right people. I want everyone else to have that same opportunity.

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You came to my school back in the 7th grade, Jarman. I was really touched, and ever since then I've been listen to people who've been bullied, cut themselves, started using drugs, and tried to kill themselves. I feel like its my mission now to stop bullying and prevent suicide. Everyone needs a chance to speak up, That's why i love you guys! Thank you so much! SFTS <3

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thank you for believing that i am somebody to be a hero thank you so much kirk.

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I have been different all my life. I have been to the point where I didn't want to live. I want to help others that have been bullied or are being bullied because nobody stood up for me. Keep your head up and always smile because nobody should be able to take away your smile.

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You saved my life

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I know someone in my school and she gets bulled not a lot but people judge her based on her look's but not on how she acts.But, it's important to know don't be shamed about how you look or who like you or don't like you just remeber to be grateful for your life.

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Tired of being the victim
The joke
Wake up
Take it
Be their little
Not anymore
I'm tired of waking up
I want to sleep
Go numb under stress
Let’s not get one

My problem
Is you
The solution
Is caring
Just stop

I’m tired of feeling
left out
I knocked
Let me in
All i want is
Un vero amico
One true friend
This poem is about being bullied hope you guy enjoy

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i feel bad that people because i see people getting bullied

Page 51


I was bullied once,Not in the typical way you think of it as,Calling me names,yelling at me,making fun of me,no.I was the only spanish kid in my grade at my old school,Kids took advantage of me.I was jumped 3 times.Later on during to days passed by i learned to fight back,
The day came and I had to find out what I really was.I obviously lost but,I did some damage.
After that i used to bring a bat to school because I was scared but nothing ever happens.Just for my safety my mom changed my school and now I am here,Telling a story I did not think i would need to tell.

Page 52


Hi. If your reading this just remember your beautiful (OR) handsome. You are perfect the way you are and you don't need to change for anyone. Don't let what a bully or someone being mean is saying get to you. Keep pushing and striving because you're gonna make it somewhere someday. Remember that what they say about you is NEVER true and you choose your own identity. Don't let them choose what you are or gonna be. Do you, & love your self.

Page 53


Thank you for saving many people lives many people from all around the world have relied on you to change their lives.

Page 54


Hope you have a better life better people in it and successed and show others why they should not bully cause it wont help them out.

Page 55


I have to thank you guys because in my school I get bully but they always is there for me though when i need help. When i went to a different school nobody does not want to be my friend and I always do my classwork by myself, in the movie it had made me feel sad if i had kill myself and my family will miss me. I almost died like 5 times and yet I still alive. Bullying around me made me bad at myself and others but now I had got stronger. Now I don't care what other people think of me i just make what I want to make and do what i want to do Thank You guys. I AM SOMEBODY LmL!!!

Page 56


Bullying IS a form of abuse
It’s not just kids being kids beings kids
This type of attention should be forbidden
Everyone doesn’t go through bullying though
This is just like a dumb show
Or a boiling pan of grease
The more hurtful words you add the more the grease pops
Faster and faster until someone is truly hurt
The pan she has drops to the floor as her face droops
She wants to kill herself

She never knew how alone she could feel
In a hallway full of people
Vibrate people laughing and talking and carrying on
She feels so alone that she doesn't even wanna be here anymore
She wonders to herself
How is this feeling possible
But she never had any friend
She never had anyone to turn to
All the kids would always laugh and make fun of her until one day she couldn’t take it anymore
She went home
Looked at herself if the mirror but she couldn’t see beauty
All she could see were the things people said to her
“Ugly,fat,stupid” and more other names that made her feel horrible about herself
SHe took the razor by her bed and she cut herself
Non stop
Until all the damage was done
And she was finally gone
Away from this world
and her family

Bully IS a form of abuse
It's not just kids being kids
You are not alone
use the resources around you
you aren't what those people are saying about you everyday
You are worth something
Don't stand alone
but in fact stand up with those around you
with those who care the most
You don't deserve what your going through
But it's going to be okay
today shouldn't be your judgement day
But do put yourself on display
and make way
for your personal (high) self confidence

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People when they get bullied it isn't always the best things that happens to them in their life. But just because you get bullied doesn't mean you aren't anyone and know that you mean a lot of someone around you.

Page 58


I felt inspired about your movie called "Bully". It made feel that I should help people stop bullying. I bullied once and after watching it i never bullied again and i would do nothing thank you for showing me not to bully every again.

Page 59


I haven't been bullied but, I feel the pain that other kid's who get bullied go through. What you're doing is a blessing to you and many people. Continue to do what you do. I would also like to say that I'm very sorry for your lost. You and your family are being very strong. I wouldn't be able to go through life if I lost my son. Your such a inspiration. I watched the movie about your son and I felt so broken on the inside.If you were bullied or you are being bullied, I just wanted you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Page 60


The Movie (Bully) made Me feel pretty good inside because it talks about a lot of thing that happen to people in my family and sometimes i get bullied. The that was bullying me was in my grade last year and this year, they made fun of me and me names such as “stupid”, “fatty” which doesn’t make any scan to me because i’m not even fat and other names similar to that. But the helped me find hope and that i'm not the only one this is happening to and that it’s okay to be a nerd and that being called a nerd or a geek is a compliment.

Page 61


Hi my name Amira. I have been bullied before but I want to helped you . It was my friends and my family that help me and I'm truly grateful. My message to you is , don't always think that your alone . Ask for help or look for help because it is not ok to stay inside. #askforhelp

Page 62


The website didn’t really relate to me but it really touched my heart. The website talked about being bullied constantly to the point where you want to die and that never happened to me, so i dont know how it feels. This it also shows people who really killed there self, it really opened my eyes because now i know what people go through and it makes me wanna step up to bullies more and be a leader . The website also shows that people can use help because this can effect you all your life just like some people i know.

Page 63


I have never been bullied but have noticed people being bullied.I feel like i shoudl have said somehting.Even though i did not do the bullying i am guilty because i did not do anything about it.I am truly sorry.I want to say i hope your family stay strong

Page 64


I saw the documentary bully, and it made me feel bad for the people in it because they were getting bullied, and people were not doing anything about it, and some of them end up killing themselves. After watching the documentary, I know how people who get bullied feel, and that teaches me that I need to stop bothering people because I wouldn't like that to happen to me, and I can help because if I see someone getting bullied I can tell them to stop and tell adult right away instead of watch it happen.

Page 65


I watched a movie at school and it made me very angry how the kids getting bullied had to kill their selves so people can notice what was going on.If you are getting bullied it's probably because the people bellying you have nothing to do or are going thought something that has to do with their home so to distract them they need something to do.They see other's bullying and they think it's cool to do it.

Page 66


I'm sorry for your loss because it most of have been a bad feeling in losing your own son and how heartbroken you were.And sometimes people who are being bullied are sometimes silent about it because if they feel as if they speak out they will not be heard and their point is not being made so they either commit suicide or rarely speak out if

Page 67


dear you, me and my classmates watched the documentary of when you were getting bullied,and it made me feel that i should stand up for people who are getting bullied in my school, and it also taught me a lot of things to do and not to do, dont listen to the things kids call you, just know you are not alone, you have people that care and love u. repeat YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Page 68


hi i would just like to say i love what you are doing because i thought about killing my self more than once and i loved the movie and i would like what you guys do and sorry for your lost and if you know someone who is going thought this because we all are loved and also when i seen this move i althought people kill there selfs we can help them.

Page 69


Be Sure to taste your words before you spit them out. You will never know what people go through, in and out. Bullies cause depression, depression cause suicide. ARE YOU THE MURDERER!!! People who hate on you bring you down, with them cause there lonely.

Page 70


Thank you for helping lots of people and want to save lives, I know living without your child is really painful and I can't even imagine how that feel. So when I was in 4th grade I was always bullied, I was tripped, laughed at, not have friends, and every time I try to make friends it don't always go right and people act like i'm imaginary. If you knew me in person you wouldn't think that I've been through those things because I act like I'm happy all the time. I'm now in 8th grade and I still sometimes get bullied and I still manage to not let them get to me. How? Well yes I have thought about killing myself but I never did it because I know it will hurt my mamma. So I what I do is when I'm at school in 8th grade I hang out with people that will up lift me and be nice. I'm not going to say her name but lets call her Amber, she hangs out with me all the time and she makes me feel like I belong in this world and I was here for a reason. Also my other friend, lets call her taliah and she is also somebody that I can hang out with that is a really good friend and can make me feel better.When I'm at home I listen to music I like and stay to myself. If you struggling with something like this hang out with people you know is a good influence and can help you wanna stay in world and not feel bad about who you are.

Page 71


Hi Kirk and Laura I want to give you a well deserved thank you and say I am so sorry for your loss when I herd what happend I cried because I have a family member that comited suicide it still pains me that they did that. All I can say to people that do want to comit suicide is to not give up on yourself and remember you have a family that loves you and will miss you.

Page 72


I think that your story was great, and it inspired me to do better as a person. I am sorry about your son and I think that his story will help other people who are not doing well do well i wish you happiness and Thank you.

Page 73



My name is Ashanti and I am going to tell you that you are an amazing person and that whatever you are going through you can make it through! You are a strong and confident person! When I was in the 4 grade i was bullied and i didn't know what to do i was all over the place i was hurting, lost, and lonely. There was a point i was over it i wanted to end my life but i thought of all the good things that i have, i have a family and God has been with me through a lot of hard things and to this day I am still getting talked about, looked up and down, but know i'm stronger than ever before. What really helped me with my problems was just praying and telling myself that today is going to be a good day or i would talk to my mom and ask her for some advice and it was really good.
My mom has always said to me "life is hard" and to be honest she really never lied. Life is very hard and there could be lots of pain and broken hearts, but just think of all the good times that you will have. have you would have killing yourself is not the key of relief the key is knowing what you are.

Page 74


No matter what you are going through things will always get better,I can relate to what your going through I have been bullied before in previous years of school about my wieght and how small my eyes were and everyone always thought I was blind.The kids would always ask me was I chinese and make up really mean names for my eyes and talk behind my back and the only reason why y , yes I had suicidal thoughts but as the years went on I used that as my motivation and did everything I could to make sure i am still here today and I did and i am still here doing me and going strong. I have transffered to a better school with really supportive teachers and friends who have made feel like I am somebody. You can feel like there is someone tht is there to support you and there always be someone around to get you through a hard time and you are amazing just the way you are no matter what any hater says about you I had to learn that to that no matter how many times people put me down and how many times you put yourself down there are people who think you are amazing in your own way and you don't have stoop to a less number just for approval and acceptence be you and only you, you are your best you you dont dont have to be anybody else but your great,talented Beautiful,Smart,Kind,Gergous,Handsome self.

Page 75


Hi, Kirk! I watched you're movie that you've put out and I would like to say that you are a strong person for wanting to put out the fact that you've lost you're son out in the open. I really liked the film and it resonated with me and a lot of my peers. I have been bullied before, too. It was back in Elementary School. I won't say the name of the bully but I will say that the things that the person did were fairly tame. Just simple insults, but it effected my a lot in the long run. Some of the things that person said to me still stuck with me to this day. Right now, I'm dealing with a more personal bully. By that I mean i'm actually bulling myself. I've been fighting depression for a while now and I keep telling myself things that people say are false. I tried cutting myself twice and I have even thought about killing myself a couple of times. Most of this comes from my stress with school. Every time I take a graded test of some sorts, I convince myself that I failed and is surprised when I don't. I don't do well under pressure and don't give my best when I am under pressure. I'm still working on my problems, it makes me feel better knowing that there's a website dedicated to helping people with there issues. I just want to say thank you for being a leader and helping others. I wish you the best of luck!

Page 76


i love football and football helps everything and bully is not cool

Page 77


I watched the documentary "Bully" and I wanted to say thank you for making me aware that bullying isn't right, and that if I ever in my life see bullying to make sure I tell an adult of someone I trust that can help stop bullying. The documentary and your story makes me open my eyes to bullying see that it isn't right. There are so many smart kids in life that took their lives to bullying and we need to see a change now.

Page 78


Hey, after watching the movie "Bully" and seeing how many people are getting bullied and how it affects them really breaks.I mean, I do not know how it feels because I am not bullied, but I think I should learn that us as people should stand up for the people even if it could be the most scariest moment you could ever experience.I hope everyone that gets bullied will not be bullied anymore or at least have somebody to talk to or to stand by while they are in these type of situations.

And people

If you do not stand up

You do not represent yourself as a human being.

Page 79

Matthew wright

You are not the only one that can get bullied but also you have to stand up for yourself and try to go to the source of the bullying and to try and stop it.

Page 80


I watched the movie bullied and I felt really sad.

Page 81


Don't give up in life when your being bullied. Show them that you are stronger than they think you are. That you're capable of doing more than you think. I watched the film Bully and I feel really bad for those who went through bullying that was shown the the document. It was not right and it should not happen to anyone. But don't forget your not on your own. There could be everyone in the world against you but the only person who could help you is you. It depends on how you want to handle the situation you are in. Stay strong and push through whatever your going through.

Page 82


I watched the documentary " Bully" and i don't like bully's. I think that bully's just wanna bully people for no reason, and i don't like when someone see someone getting bullied and they join in and help the bully pick on the kid more. Kids need to step up to the bully's and help the kid out that's getting bullied.

Page 83


I go to a school that's not really that big on stopping bullying, so nine times out of ten it's up to the students to stop bullies. One time where this girl who most people don't want to be around because her attitude is really messed up and she bullies people a lot was messing with a girl that I didn't really know that well. I saw the bully pushing the victim and calling her all different types of names and saying really hurtful things. Because I've been bullied myself, I know how it feels to have someone bully you and no one do anything about it. So I walked up to the bully and respectfully told her that her words and her actions are really hurting the victims feelings and that she should stop because she knows that she wouldn't like it if someone was doing that to her, so don't do it to other people. The victim was starting to cry a little bit because one the person who was bullying her bullies her almost every day and two no one really sticks up for her like that. I told her that it was okay and that the bully wouldn't bully her again because I'm going to tell a teacher. Now me and the victims are good friends 🙂

Page 84


i have fought for people being bullied on 2 grade because i was bullied on preschool and as i grew up i started doing kickboxing and other things to learn to fight.

Page 85


When I was a little girl there was this place I always went to play. There was kids and they hurt me , cut me, hit me, cursed at me. Sometimes I would go home and cut myself because I have anxiety and depression. I sit do it but there gone now I'm 12 years old. I almost killed myself once because people at my new school hurt me to that point. I tried to be happy but could never be and I still have anxiety and depression. There's this boy that's in my class that is always trying to get me mad but I hold myself back. He's always talking about how I have anxiety and depression but in a bad way and be saying stuff like," Oh go head with your anxiety and depression A**." I don't say but He hurts me emotionally. Not really everyone knows what I do or did In the past or present. I really always feel like ending my life but no one understands that not even teachers. No one really really cares about how I feel or what I do so if I just disappear one day no one will care. If I get found on the news no one will care. If I give a letter saying i'm done with life no one will care. No one cares about how I feel and what I do. I'll probably will end my own life in like 5 weeks from now but who knows it could be even closer probably 2 weeks. For me there's no ending my depression and anxiety. I was raped through 5-10 no one cared he hurt me and no one cared. I tired to tell but no one will listen. He's gone now but who says he won't come back. I hope you guys can do better than me.

Page 86


Hi My name is Tyjahnay. I was watching a movie at my school called Bully. I see people get bullied all the time but that really changed my thinking and the way i thought about things. People shouldn't have to feel alone or hurt or think that they have to kill themselves for them to stop hurting and that's the only way they are good and stop hurting.

Page 87


when i was in the 2nd grade i got picked on and i was to scared to go to my mother and tell her what was happening and it kept going on until o told someone. also it was because i was to scared to tell one of the teachers because if i did then they would ask how long it went on for and if i told them for a while then they would ask why and i wouldn't tell them and they would not do anything about it.

Page 88


Im here right now to send a message to all bully's and the people that got bullied. Look, I never been a bully in my life but i did experience it. Bullying isn't good because it can cause people to feel like they dont belong in this world and there are nothing around people. Like they feel like ghost or people in prison by them selves in the dark that can't get out. They can think about the wrong things like suicide and that stuff is serious. There was this boy in third grade that got bullied. I forgot his name but he was on the news. He was a good kid and didn't get in trouble. But he went through stuff with his family and got bullied because of it. And then he started to stop coming to school and by the time he came back, his eyes was sore from crying to much and he looked weak. But you know im like 7 and he 8 and me being young thought he was crying over not getting cookies and stuff but then when he didn't come to school for the past week the teacher made a announcement that he committed suicide. Some people knew what she was talking about and some didn't but we knew the situation was important because she started crying but i still didn't know what was going on and stuff but now since im 13 i understand completely. So this is a message that bullying isn't right and its a bad thing going around the world because people dont wanna die young

Page 89


If something has or is currently happening to you, tell someone. I know from personal experience that depression and anxiety is no joke! Bullying may lead to depression if it keeps happening and you do nothing about it so the more you keep silent, the more nobody will hear you. People may bully others to make themselves feel good but it brings down others. This means that they tear other people down to make themselves more confident. On the inside, if you are going through something, write about it, tell someone, use a stress ball, play with safe items, etc. These are ways that people can take care of themselves without actually harming someone else or something. Even from just seeing people get bullied, I know that it may harm people in ways that you would have never thought. A lot of people my age (12-15) may go through a lot and if their being bullied, they eventually may end up being very depressed. Sometimes people may even take it so far that they want to take their own lives. I have tried to commit suicide about 4 times in my years of middle school, I know that this is really no joke. I got help and now, I am living the best life. All I'm going to say is, get help or help yourself (without harm) if you are going through some things.

Page 90


I have watched your film. It inspired to stop bullying. i used to stick heads in the trashcan and hurt their feelings. I now understand that this is wrong and me and my friends have had a look at what the victim feels like. The kid who killed himself was depressed and I realized if I keep bullying I could have caused someone to kill themself. Im sorry for everything your son has gone through and you.

Page 91


Hi. I would like to say that if you feel a certain way about yourself you should have someone that you can depend on or talk to at all times. So what i am trying to tell you is that all you need to do when you feel bad about yourself and feel like you are going to do something crazy just call the person and ask if you can talk to them. but if you ever feel that way talk to some one you can depend

Page 92


Stand for the Silent is a great way to help kids that don't like bullies fix their problems and speak out against bullies. If you ever feel like you can't speak out, there are resources out there to help you carry it out. Stand for the Silent is an example of what the good people out there do to empower others

Page 93


It's sad that people get bullied, people are mean. I was bullied for being a gay 12 year old boy. Like when I get a boyfriend on the internet people think I'm some pedophile because I voice is lower pitched. It sucks, I know how it feels to get bullied.

Page 94


Thank you and I hope you get through this traumatizing event that happened and I can't imagine what it is like and see ya! God Bless You

Page 95


Hearing Kirk speak was a really good thing for me. Even though I never been bullied, never been depressed, never thought of suicide. But my sister did. My sister was constantly bullied by several other kids, and even her 5th grade teacher sometimes was rude verbally. My sister eventually got depressed due to the constant bullying and at the age of 11 she committed suicide. I want bullying to end so I plan on becoming an advocate for anti bullying.

Page 96


I live in the UK and I am 14 years old. I was being bullied at my school. Some teachers even would say rude things to me and it was every single day. I could not go to teachers at my school about it. I tried like two times and nothing was done at all. They ignored it. Telling my mum about it did not help much either. She would say things like "ignore it, walk away, just focus on classes, etc." I have been bullied since I was 7. Because of me being bullied I ended up starting self-harming when I was 11. I used to cut myself and because of that I have multiple scars. My mum ended up finding out and I was sent to CAMHS and diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. Not long after that I was sent to live with my aunty and was going to a new school. Since being with my aunty and going to a new school I haven't been bullied and teachers have been very nice and helpful.

Page 97


Thank you for coming to the Barrington Area Library to speak. I had choir but was able to come for the last half hour. A few minutes in, I just about cried. I was closest to taking my life on Father's Day three years and (coming up on) 3 months ago. I identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community and at lunch one day last week, I heard someone call someone else the f slur. I have PTSD and anxiety and I was too scared to move. I knew I wouldn't get hurt, but my emotions didn't know that. So I didn't say anything. But thanks to you, I know I am somebody and because of that, I can stand up for myself and others. y German teacher is an amazing GSA ally and I contact her whenever I hear something in class. That includes someone saying "That's gay" in class today. I used to see myself as a victim of abuse, but now I see myself as an advocate and someone to stand for the silent like I once was. Thank you for spreading such an important message. I am dedicated to standing up not just for the people in the LGBTQ+ community, but for everyone facing any kind of bullying. I remind everyone I know that I am always there to talk to, day or night and there are resources. LML

Page 98


I think I was a senior in high school when you came to visit my school. I was exceedingly depressed at the time so my memory from back then is very fuzzy. It’s now 3 years later and I still think about it. Not all my days in the past years have been the best. I was struggling for a long time. Within the past year I started wearing bracelets because I had gotten the treatment I needed and things were turning up for me so I had the energy to do something nice for myself. I was going through my room looking for ones I had and I found the wristband that I got from back then. I would wear it whenever I was having a rough day and it would give me the strength to go on. I’m wearing it again today because I had to call 911 and take my best friend to the hospital last night. Making that call was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. At 20 turning 21 in a month I’m technically an adult. But we aren’t really adults yet at my age. Having this band on my wrist is comforting and just today I’m really feeling it because this time it’s not me who is drowning it’s my friend. So thank you for giving me that strength to go on all those years and a reminder. A reminder that I’m not alone, that I can be there for somebody, and that I am somebody.

Page 99


Hi, kirk I was touched when you came to Andale and I want to tell you I am truly sorry for the loss of your son and to all the people who have lost a loved one to suicide. I am sorry that you had to deal with the loss of your son and that I didn't raise my hand when you said raise your hand if you bully

Page 100


When I was a child, just like many of you, I, too, was bullied psychologically and physically. No one ever stood up for me, not even my parents. As a matter of fact if I ever stood up for myself I would get in trouble once I got home because I was expected to just ignore the situation, to get over it and suck it up.
After years of torture and depression, it finally stopped. Just know that your "bullies" won't be around forever. It may seem like a hopeless situation right now, but trust me, It is not.

Never let the hurtful words of your bullies conflict with who you know you are, and your self-worth.

Page 101


I've been bullied since Kindergarten. It got worse once I got into 4th grade. I have been physically bullied and verbally bullied. Later on I started to get verbally bullied by teachers. The bullying by the teachers affected me the most. I just want other people to know that teachers bullying and saying really hurtful things is a real thing and it can happen and I don't want anyone to feel alone in this.

Page 102


Hi. You don't know me, and I don't know you. I've never been really truly serious about ever hurting myself because of any reason, but I've had close friends that were that way. I am writing an essay for my english class against bullying, and I came upon this website. This... it's amazing, and powerful. All of the stories of the people who have gone through dark places in their lives, they have made you stronger, and you can make it. You are loved, always. No matter who you are.

Page 103


I'm 16 and had to go through bullying and negative experiences pretty much most of my life. Right before Kindergarten around ages 4-5 I do remember being abused by my mom. She would be physical, keep my in a room most of the time, and offering very little food. She left and moved out during when I was in Kindergarten since then I have never seen her again. In Kindergarten was when I got bullied for the first time. Some kids just didn't want to be around me, some would pinch me or pull my hair, or some said eww when they saw me. I was also being abused at home still from my dad and my uncle, bullying at school continued all the way through 8th grade, in the 4th grade I got bullied for my severe, multiple food allergies, and with grades 7-8th being bullied by a few teachers verbally both years it was the same teachers. I have Autism and learning delays, and can't tie my shoes,etc and some thought that it was funny and said some really mean things. After the 8th grade my dad just kept me home altogether, not sending me to school, and the abuse he did to me got much worse, but finally someone listened after at the age of 14, just before turning 15 my weight went down to 60 pounds because of him not buying any food and not having me in school. Right now, I'm in a foster home with a really nice foster mom and three foster sibling sisters and the school I'm at are for kids/teens like me who have learning delays and Autism, so I get extra one on one help with my school work especially math and science and my motor skills and I don't have to take gym classes which were really hard for me. The teachers are really nice and so far I have made 7 new friends and this is the first time I have had friends. I just wanted to share because I have been through bullying and negative things at home and at school and I want people to just know that it can get better, ask for help, and never give up. Sometimes things get better in a short time or it may take longer. I wish the best and hope things get better for you and that you can be happy. You are NOT alone.

Page 104


one time I was going to sleep but my youngest sister was pulling the cover so I said stop pulling the cover's. and my other younger sister slaped my hand, and if this happen's to you just calm down and write about it in this web site it makes me feel better so it might make you
feel better,I hope it dosen't go on like mine its been happening to me
for about 4 years and 9 months and 12 days.

Page 105



I am not being bullied, or ever have been, but I would like to say that the documentary "Bully" really touched my heart. It made me feel stronger in knowing that the haters are going to hate, and the lovers are gonna love, and the rain is gonna pour. Thank you for really touching my heart and helping the world with it's biggest problem... BULLYING

SFTS <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

If you don't do anything, you are just as bad as the bully, and you need to take action

Page 106


Dear Mr. Kirk,
As a student in a school blessed to not have bullying, I would like to thank you in your works to stop the cancer that is bullying. You have helped many people, and I pray that more and more people will continue to help you in your actions against this epidemic labeled "Bullying". Have a wonderful day, sir. Sincerely, Grayson C.

Page 107


This is really good story about bullying i've read, and it really inspired me to help others with needed help, and the more i learn about bullying the more i wanna stop it, and this is an example of it.

Page 108


Kirk- I am so happy I recently got to speak to you. I am 59 years old now but when I was in 8th Grade - I was bullied so badly I wanted to die. Back then Bullying was looked at as a "Right of Passage" and "Its just what kids do". When I reached out to a School Counselor at the time - nothing was done and the Bullying got worse.
I really believe the Bullying I endured in 1974 set me on a path of Self-Destruction and Drug Abuse that lasted into Adulthood. I have survived a Suicide attempt and have been admitted twice to an In-Patient Psychiatric Hospital. (The effects of bullying can last a life-time).
Bullies and School Administrators don't realize that a Child's Brain is still developing during the Middle School years and Severe Traumatic Bullying can cause negative changes to a child's brain that last into adulthood.

School should be a positive place for learning and growing not a place to be mentally and physically abused for the amusement of others. Bullying takes away and kills a child's spirit, laughter and joy of life.

Thank you Kirk and Thank you SFTS Kids for Standing up for what is right and for changing the world one School, one community at a time.

Page 109


I am not alone
I am part of the whole
The whole is complete when I am in it
I am nothing but part of everything
Everything includes all of us in it

Stay strong but don't compare
Destiny makes us greater or lesser
Be happy keep happy forever
You are important star of the universe

Keep hope don't quit ever
Embrace life's blessings forever
Accept struggles until it's over
Life consists of twists and turns forever

Every time you fall
Get up and stand tall
Each fall moves closer to success
This is nature's forever process

Page 110


Kirk and Laura, your story inspires me to realize that as a person, I can do so much more for kids who are being bullied. In our Health Class as a part of out Mental health unit, we watched the Documentary Bully. I then realized, even in you are not a bully, you can still help kids who are being bullied. One day I hope that you can come to my school district and share the message of Standing for The Silent! Thank You For being so strong in all that you go through! And know that Ty, and Laura are holding each other right now, looking down, and seeing that you are so strong.

Page 111


I was first cyberbullied at 15 years old by one of my friend's sister. After that, I was cyber bullied again on Instagram by other people making fun of my dancing at 16 years old. I was cyber bullied a third time this time it was on ask fm. It was from someone named anna with the username dancer83992 that started hearing rumors about me and starts insulting my dancing and my mental problems.

Page 112


You are loved.You are so nice and the speech at avery was very good.

Page 113


Love yourself don’t give up on life even if your bullied cause your not alone.

Page 114


Bullying is evil may it end some day. You are beautiful and will be loved by someone someday. You are not the only one being bullied in the world.

Page 115


Kirk, I read your post about your Ty and it makes me cry every single time. I don't know if you understand how much you are helping me by having a community that is not here to judge me, about what I say or what I have done, or what I have been through but just to help me get through it. That last post you put about your Ty talking about Christmas...over 50 thoughts are going through my head saying I should rethink what I want to do You have truly changed my life about judging people, bulling people and telling people what’s going on. I know you lost your son and that’s the hardest situation a parent can go through but I think you need to know you have saved over 100s of peoples lives telling them about Ty’s story. Thank you so much, happy holidays and god bless

Page 116


Stand for the silent just visited my school. It made me realize that I wasn’t alone. There is always a way out. Even when someone tells you that your worthless or don’t have a spot in the world. There is always help, even if you were mean to other people. Sticking up for what’s right and helping others get through it is something kids struggle to do. But don’t be scared, you could save a life by saying something. YOU ARE NOT ALONE

Page 117


Although I never met your son he seemed like a vary sweet kid and in that picture of him he had a big smile on his face like he didn't have a care in the world none could have knew he would do that bullying has to stop. lmL

Page 118


I watched the documentary on Netflix last night.
Im sorry, i never even knew how cruel the world was being so young or maybe i just had forgotten. I didnt grow up walking into school with branded clothing or popular shoes im not sure what it was but it hurt when people would only see things like that and think so bad of me. Im 15 years old now not even a year ago i was put in a group chat online and told my mother didnt love me and thats why she left me i knew what was true but words hurt. i started to develop into a women and well again, im not sure what is was but i was slut shamed and called mean names people dont think in a town where im from "bullying" is a thing but now days its words and social media i watched in the documentary that "we are nobody's" My older cousin committed suicide in 2020 im not sure why but not even a year later another boy killed himself and my cousins passing was never spoken about because of who those people were and who that boy was im not saying that he didnt matter any less than my cousin joeys but because we all matter. even the ones who dont show it matter ive kinda just grown to deal with the negativity people bury me in but i know that i have my sister who i love so much who has always needed me and ive always needed her my sister is bullied but never does she let it get to her i wish there was a way someone could have stopped what was wrong to begin with.

Page 119


Never ever keep a secret for a Parent. Never ever think they are on your side if they hurt you in any way shape or form, physically emotionally, psychologically.
Learn to tell your teacher, have the courage, think of your favorite super hero to help you get courage, I used batman and also I believe in God.
If you are scarred of going home, tell your teacher.
A parent can be incredibly charming and still be a horrible person hiding a horrible secret and keeping you silent, dont let the bad parent win, that would be injustice.
I know you might not want to call 9-11 on your parent but you have to remember and dial, no matter how scarred you feel, if they hurt you again, call again, let the law keep you safe and healthy, your parent needs accountability. If you see something too adult for your age, you are not in a safe place for a child and need to tell your teacher, the key is no secrets. Dont feel guilty for keeping a secret for your bad parent even if it is a very scary secret. You are a super hero for speaking up when you do and looking out for everyone on the boat of peace and unity, where every person counts and there is a moral compass to follow. You count, you are a person, you can do this! It was the parents failure and not yours. You are premium quality, designed to adapt. Join the league of heroes.

Page 120


My name is Sam and I’ve got high functioning autism. I wasn’t bullied ever growing up, but I have felt really lonely and depressed almost everyday in school growing up. I also know of many on the autism spectrum that go have felt the same way, but have beeen bullied a lot. I think it’s really important that people stand up for those with disabilities and no disabilities whether they feel alone, depressed, or bullied.

Page 121


My name is Sam and I’ve got high functioning autism. I wasn’t bullied ever growing up, but I have felt really lonely and depressed almost everyday in school growing up. I also know of many on the autism spectrum that go have felt the same way, but have beeen bullied a lot. I think it’s really important that people stand up for those with disabilities and no disabilities whether they feel alone, depressed, or bullied.

Page 122


I'm 31. But when I was in school I was bullied from 3rd grade up to high school. I used cutting and self harm as a means to escape it. I was battling many health and mental problems as well. But the bullying made things much worse,my school I was in at the time in Alabama didn't help,if it wasn't for my parents,my congregation and my current therapist I don’t know if I'd still be alive today.

I hated school due to that and hated myself. I donated to stand for the silent because I've been there I know what it's like and I don't want any child to go through what I did. Thank you for helping kids!

Page 123


I liked the speech today. It was amazing I have been bullied several times it and does really hurt. I really want to start my own no bulling team. Because if we can work together then we can stop bulling for good.

Page 124

christopher kiss

I loved the program it changed me i just want to thank you. Because my friend's dad killed himself. I also got picked on by kids. But i love your story about your so he's so brave. It's so insprational

Page 125


i hope everybody helps someone

Page 126


You sharing your message about your son meant so much to me. I can tell that you put your whole heart into teaching children about the dangers of bullying. I am hopeful that you message reached a lot of our students and even if it saves just one life, it has been worth it. Thank you for coming. Mrs. Durant.

Page 127


Thank you for coming and sharing that message to us.and i know that it was hard sharing that with us next time is see bully i will stop it. and thank you for sharing

Page 128


thank you for coming to my school .and sharing the message just know that your not alone it means a lot that you came and share your message and hopeful lee it spreads around the hole world and I love you.

Page 129


thank you for coming to our school today and talking to me i am so sorry about your son. when you starting talking about your son it made me cry because my grandma passed from me and it made me sad thank you for coming.

Page 130


Thank you for coming and sharing your story is really sad and I'll try to stick up for people that are being bullied am sorry that you lost your son he shouldn't had done that so little you really made me cry with your story and thank you for coming to our school and I will never forget am somebody thanks so much for coming. rv

Page 131


thank you for coming to my school i will try to help other that are being bulled and thank you for sharing your story with us

Page 132


Thank you for coming to are school I know that was hard for you hopefully kids stop bullying your message helped a lot of people I would not stop crying that was really sad I hope that people stop bullying thank you so much for your story about your son.

Page 133


when i was in first grade i was being bullied when i was alone.When i went up to the teacher outside and told her she said " just ignore it" i said "okay" and i left and it has been going on for a long time i wanted to hurt my self but then when my mom deiced to move me and my two brothers one was in 5th grade one was in pre-k i think we only moved because my older brother was to smart for the school and ever since i was still hurt by those words but when i heard what my friends said at my old school to me was "your not alone" and then when u came really touched my heart i tried so hard not to cry and i hope people realize that they are not alone.

Page 134


thank u for coming and telling us about bulling and telling us about ty and thank u for telling us about the kids and thank u for the braclet that said i am somebody i will not for get about it and thank u for the braclet

Page 135


kirk smalley thanks for coming out to okc to speak to us.i almost cry and i am sad for you i hope you r ok i am sorry for you i support you.

Page 136


Hi I want to thank you for coming to my school today your message means a lot you and your son story helped me a lot you also helped me show that I am somebody and I will support ty and you

Page 137


dear tryones mom.

This is so sad i feel so sorry for what happened he seem like a really cool guy. it must have been devastating . This is so sad im so sad he is really cool . so sorry for your lose . lmL lmL lmL

Page 138

crystal ramirez

thank you for shareing your comment about your son im sorry for the lost of your son is in heven so no worry's i had a family member who past away and he was the only one who stand up for me and no one picked on me they stoped becus of him my ant is a lunch lady so she knows when they pick on me.

Page 139


I think you guys teaching kids this, is good because they know whats right and whats wrong. All the sad stories made me emotional. All those families losing their kids is very tragic. The family is now ruined for them.

Page 140



Hi my names Mikayla there’s something I got to say

Just know your not alone and you are worth everything your bully says your not. Prove them wrong. You are strong and strong minded. “Any kindness in you’re heart becomes kindness to the world.” Just know stuff does get better. I know it does because I’ve been one heck of a road but then it got better. I may not seem like it will right now but it will. You just got to believe in yourself, that’s what I did. I put in so much hard work and that work payed off. It may not get better by tomorrow or in a week maybe not even in a year to better but it does

Page 141


Hey Mr. Smalley, I want to give my thanks for coming down yonder to our school to give us that wonderful speech. It was really moving. Can you believe that i was the only one out of over 100 students to raise their hand when you asked "Who here has bullied others?" Yeah. me neither. I knew people were gonna look at me funny and say mean things but i don't care. You are an amazing man and are doing wonderful things that your wife and son would love if they were down here. But if you think about God made that happen to you for a reason. That reason being for you to to change millions of lives. And trust me you are making a difference in people's lives. Including mine. I've been bullied and I was the bully. I admit that I've said some nasty things and probably made people feel even nastier. And what you said has changed me forever. I love you too! lmL

Page 142


kirk,thanks for coming to our school and talking at shelbyville isd, im rwally glad you talked to us about your son and the other children,i almost lost 2 friends but after your speak she cry and told herself no

Page 143


Hye you visited our school not too long ago, i'm personally not depressed or ever thought of things like self harm. I never even thought about that idea, so I never considered anybody else.
after you visited our school, I started to consider that people that I know many think or have a history of hurting themselves.
Thank you for reminded me that people around me could be hurt and that i could help them.

Page 144


thank you for your story and for showing me that I am not alone and to show me that I am somebody and helping people

Page 145


hi as you can see my name is Xavion Joseph Porterie x.j.p when Mr.Kirk SmallEY gave us this amazing announcement about bullying I held strong till the end at the end I got sad because I thought of my family so I'm gonna make a TikTok for sf{ts} stand for the silent and sponsor it fun fact I paint my nails for my style but I'm not gay or bi it's just my style and sometimes I'm a bully to my family but not anymore I'm changing for the great of good.

Page 146


Dear Mr. Kirk Smalley, I would just like to thank you for your time at our school yesterday. I was genuinely crying the whole time because it was so personal to me. I have been bullied before just for who I am, and sometimes I can't take it anymore. The assembly made me realize that I need to stick around just to stand up for other people and help them get through life. Life is very valuable and losing someone just because of bullying is not something that should carry on. I really appreciate this movement and I will be supporting this from here on out. :3

Page 147


Mr.Kirk Smalley . when you came to my school you went over the same points as all of the other people do. but this time it felt diffrent. this time insted of it just sounding like a presentation someone read off of a card it felt like a heart driven story. it had emotion ,empathy and sadness. Normally these presentation never stike anything within me but with your speech it resided inside me and sparked a match within me that hasnt been lit for a while.It made me want to do something more than ever, it made me want to change the world and not keep on letting the world slip away like this, and to finnally, and I mean finally make a diffrence in this world where kids go through stuff like this every day. It makes me want to make this world a ulmost perfect utopia.
think you Mr.smalley

Page 148


This fight to stop bullying is incredibly and very moving on how I saw bullying, I hope that one day this entire battle is won and bullying is completely eradicated. lmL

Page 149


Dear Mr. Kirk Smalley, thank you for your wise words and for showing us what empathy and gratitude are thank you.

Page 150


Thank you Mr. Kirk for the outstanding message you have given to me and other people in the many schools you went to. It really makes my heart burst with happiness that you helped so many people around our country. thank you

Page 151


Dear, Mr. Smalley

Thank you for coming to my school. I used to think that my 6-year-old sister was just someone who wanted to annoy me every day. But thanks to your presentation I give the biggest hug to my sister whenever I get the chance and play with her all the time. I will help spread the message every day and look forward to when we end bullying forever. lmL

From, Declan M

Page 152


Ryle, I know how hard it can be to get bullied i was a victim in 3rd grade and it was really hard.

Page 153


Hey kirk you visited my school today tuesday march 2023 and you helped me majorly and I thank you I send lots of love and prayers lmL

stay safe everyone

Page 154


About 5 years ago got bullied passed the limit he took his own life in front of me and I was and am always going to fight for the bullying to stop

Page 155

Kylie (Pseudonym)

It is hard for me to explain but I will try. I was picked on and treated different by not only other kids but even teachers as early as Kindergarten. I was already singled out as the odd, erratic, and unusual kid very quickly. I acted different because of my life at home. I could not communicate my feelings or anything then either. I was also seen as a child not to listen to both at home and school. At home before I even got to Kindergarten I was being abused in the worst ways by my mom and dad. It did not take long for other family members to join in on the acts too. I acted different than other kids and I had a bunch of learning delays. I was also quickly given an ADHD label and other issues even though most of my issues are trauma related and as far as paying attention? I was actually dissociating. I didn’t k ow it at that young but I feel it did make other kids notice me as odd. I continued to get picked on and soon bullied by kids all through the other years I was allowed to go to school (1st-8th grade). I was still shunned by other teachers and soon even bullied, harassed, and/or treated unfairly from the rest of the kids by many of the teachers. I have never had a single friend. I never had a single supportive person or adult in my life. I was still being severely abused at home all of that time also. I also never had normal life experiences such as being able to make friends, never was taught how to ride a bike, my birthday never celebrated but my brothers was, never been to a party ever but brother has, and as far as holidays I never got to celebrate but my brother did. People of the community (such as the city, fire dept, police, etc) could not be trusted either. Since family members were very good friends with these people and I was always shown by those family members to be odd among other things these people would not listen to me with most honestly looking at me as something to not listen or speak to and instead rushing to them which furthered abuse. I was never ever saved by anyone. I never got to go to school after the 8th grade so other kids including my own brother got to go off to High School and eventually college with some still there now. I was kept home and treated horribly and in again the worst of ways, abused by the family members. I can’t go into full detail, and my memory isn’t the best but I just know and feel that if not only kids but teachers stop singling out that one child things could be so much different. I also feel that kids should be believed more. It’s hard when you are being abused by a whole family, being bullied at school, nowhere to turn and no one to believe you, etc. It is real bad when teachers also single you out and do cruel things and lots of injustice, etc. I couldn’t get away from my family until I was 21 a few years ago. I kind of just got too old and help never ever came and it kind of honestly became too late for any. I may be technically alive but not really. I dissociate constantly and don’t really have any sense of identity, among other things. The biggest thing honestly is more people out there need to believe kids (and in them) too. I’m just the withered husk that didn’t have anyone to ever care even when I was a kid. It sucks. Please just be kind to others and as far as kids please don’t make life hard on them.

Page 156


I am in sixth grade and the biggest thing i do not like is how some teachers out there will single out another kid as odd or weird and that same kid ends up getting picked on other kids and that one being bullied never believed or listened to not even by their own parents

One girl didnt want to be in a group project with her and spit at her and nothing done. the bully girl ended up saying that the girl who was being bullied was the one being bad instantly believed by the teacher and the girl being bullied was punished for the bullies actions

just feel really bad for that girl

Page 157


On April 5,2023 Kirk came to my school and he talked about how I can make a change,I can make a difference,because I am somebody.

Page 158


I just wanted to thank you for coming to my school today (CSN). Ive been having a lot of trouble and this really helped me. My mother is an alcoholic and my dad is verbally abusive, I really needed this. Words cannot express how much this meant to me

Page 159


Kirk Smalley thank you for everything you did you taught me and many other students that we are not alone thank you so
Much for coming to sparta Lincoln and teaching us so much and why we matter

Page 160


Don't let people get in your head, if you do you will miss out on people who are nice. Take it from me, I was bullied ever since the second grade and I don't care about what people think about me.

Page 161


Hi! I know that you're struggling. I have been bullied, too. I was bullied for my hair color. Can you believe that? So, if you are being treated unfairly, then reach your arms out and give me a digital hug. Then close your eyes and imagine me taking your hand and saying "It's gonna be alright."
November 22nd, 2022, on that day my best friend Gina died of stage 4 breast cancer. April 25th, 2020, on that day my father was riding a horse when -while he was riding it- fell backwards on top of him. In 2021 my cousin overdosed on drugs. Lots of bad things have happened in my life, bad things will happen in yours, too. Just push through it.
"So beat it! Just beat it!" -Michael Jackson

Page 162


Thank you so much for coming to edison middle school. Ive never heard a story as sad as yours. It takes so much to come up and talk about that devastating story. I just wanted to say I struggle with my mental health. You saved my life. Mr, Smalley i am so glad you came. The bracelet, I haven't taken it off since, I wont ever. You made me realize so much and touched my heart in ways no one ever has. When I hugged you it was the best hug ever. I love you so so much.

Page 163


Hey Kirk I'm from a school you just came to. Your story about your son and the stories about everyone else really touched me and made me realize that I needed to rethink what I had planned. I may only be in junior high but a lot of stuff went through my head while you spoke. I will never forget your words because they have truly helped me. I want to help to stop bullying in my community and anywhere I see it. I have for a long time and you made me realize I need to start now and not be one of the people who just stand there and ask and wonder what just happened. I want to be one of the people who stop it and make sure it doesn't happen again

Page 164