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What parent-teen conversation can match “The Talk”?

Stand for the Silent - August 02, 2021

What parent-teen conversation can match “The Talk”? These days, it might be the conversation we have about responsibility when kids unwrap their first smartphone. Here’s how to get started. In a recent article in The New York Times, columnist and bestselling author Bruce Feiler has six excellent, concise ground rules to get you and your children thinking about proper cellphone use:

  1. It’s their phone, but it’s yours, too — Children should know that because you’re their parent (and perhaps paying for service), anything you feel is inappropriate is ground for additional
  2. No screens in the bedroom — Feiler cites a study from the University of Basel that showed teens who used their phones at night “were more likely to watch videos, text and have poor sleep habits and higher ”
  3. Texting isn’t talking — Visual cues with a face-to-face conversation doesn’t easily translate into a text message, so read what you say again before sending, and know that the person on the other end may interpret the message.
  4. Everyone’s on the social media stage — Children should know that if they wouldn’t read a social media post to their teachers or someone else they respect, they shouldn’t post it at
  5. When you’re together, be together — Time should be set aside to have a conversation without phones at the
  6. Parents need limits — Be mindful of the photos you Your children could find them embarrassing, and asking permission is one way to foster trust.

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